Island Timberlands is in the business of growing, harvesting and delivering high quality forest products from its private timberlands. Island allows public access for the purpose of recreation and other approved uses when compatible with our forest management policies. General respect for private property and demonstration of a ‘safety-first’ attitude is expected at all times which includes but is not limited to:

  • no littering or dumping of materials of any sort;
  • no removal of any materials without a preapproved permit;
  • no camping; and
  • no fires.

Basic access expectations when on Island Timberlands property are available here.

Please be aware that access may be restricted for safety purposes during active forest operations, extreme fire hazard and for asset protection purposes. Please visit our blog for current updates on access restrictions.

Island Timberlands expects that individual or groups permitted on our lands will treat our lands with respect and care. If you see activity that contravenes our expectations, we would appreciate your feedback. Please notify your Island Timberlands contact, email us at, or call us at 250-468-6810 and leave a message.

Island opens areas for public firewood cutting in various locations.There is an administrative fee for these permits and these fees may vary from area to area.Please be aware, safety equipment is necessary when cutting firewood on Island Timberlands property. Failure to wear the proper safety equipment may result in the cancellation of your permit, and future permits will likely not be provided. The minimum required safety equipment is approved leg protection (e.g. chainsaw pads/pants), eye protection (e.g. safety glasses or face screen), hearing protection and appropriate footwear. Permits are available as described on our blog, and on our permit sales page.

For all access inquiries, start by reviewing our website’s blog which aims to address frequently asked questions on access as well as other inquiries. If your question remains unanswered, please contact us either through comment on our blog or through our information desk at