Douglas Fir

DOUGLAS FIR - Pseudotsuga menziesii - Is well known for its strength and durability. The appearance and stability of the clearer grades of Douglas fir make it ideal for joinery, doors, millwork, window and door casings, mantels, stairs, baseboards, paneling, and flooring. Characterized by density, Douglas fir is extremely desirable for the timber frame and post-and-beam uses in residential housing and light commercial building industry. Douglas fir is unique among all softwood species in that it is dimensionally stable without being dried, meaning that it does not significantly shrink or twist.

Fir Mature Premium High Grade Sort 120
Fir Mature High Grade Sort 121
Fir Mature High Grade Shop Sort 122
Fir Mature Premium Lumber Sort 119
Fir Mature Medium Shop Sort 118
Fir Mature Premium Sawlog Sort 123
Fir Mature Medium Sawlog Sort 124
Fir Mature Standard Sawlog Sort 125
Fir Mature Large Sawlog Sort 127
Fir Mature J Gang Sort 130
Fir SG Large Sawlog Sort 102
Fir SG Premium Sawlog Sort 103
Fir SG Medium Sawlog Sort 104
Fir SG J sort Sawlog Sort 105
Fir SG Standard Sawlog Sort 135
Fir SG Premium Gang Sort 107
Fir SG J Gang Sort 137
Fir SG Small Peeler Sort 108
Fir Chip-n-Saw Sort 110
Fir Gang Sort 128
Fir Sawlog Sort 129

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