Research and Partnerships

In addition to our specific certification requirements, Island Timberlands is committed to continually seeking new knowledge through research and information sharing to enhance the practice of sustainable forestry and the success of our business.

Island Timberlands works with various scientists and organizations including:

On projects including:

  • Harvesting Technology
  • Road and Infrastructure Design
  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Species at Risk
  • Climate Change
  • Water Management
  • Non-chemical Brush Control
  • Silviculture Systems
  • Forest Economics

Island Timberlands partners in many different ways with other entities on a variety of projects. Some partnership examples include:

  • Naturalist groups for "special sites" identification
  • Salmon Enhancement groups for stream restoration
  • Community groups for fundraising
  • Schools for educational programs
  • Recreation groups for events and facilities/infrastructure maintenance
  • Other industry leaders in improvement and educational projects