We Lend a Helping Hand to Fellow Community Members.

The communities we impact are not only where we do business, they are our homes. Being active participants in our communities is directly connected to our Mission and Values, which inform everything we do.

How does Island Timberlands contribute to the community?
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We have an inherent drive to be responsible citizens and community members. The health of our communities, the wellness of its people, and the sustainability of its economies benefits us all. We live here, and all those who do are our neighbours – keeping us healthy and safe is the right thing to do.

Below are just a few of the community health initiatives we have contributed to:

  • Food Banks
    • Cortes Island Food Bank
    • Cowichan Valley Basket Society
    • Powell River Food Bank
  • Sports Teams & Associations
    • Nanaimo Timbermen Lacrosse
    • Runners of Compassion Nanaimo
    • Team BC – North American Indigenous Games
  • Health, Wellness & Safety Organizations
    • Cowichan Dist. Hospital Foundation
    • Haven Society
    • Mid-Island Air Search & Rescue

Vancouver Island is brimming with a rich heritage, and we have a responsibility to help it thrive. We strongly believe that arts and culture are the heart and soul of our communities. Along with donations, we also take part in special cultural activities whenever possible – for example, we donated a pole for the VIU welcoming centre and were honoured to be able to be a part of the blessing ceremony with the Elders and carvers.

Below are just a few of the arts and culture initiatives we have contributed to:

  • First Nations
    • B.C. Elders Conference
    • Haida Gwaii – Council of Haida Nation
    • Multiple First Nations
  • Municipalities
    • Alberni Regional District
    • Powell River Chamber of Commerce
    • Sayward Village
  • Events, Fundraisers & Groups
    • Campbell River Shoreline Arts
    • Errington Volunteer Fire Dept.
    • Ladysmith Kinsmen Playground Project

Our forests are the foundation of our business, and maintaining ecological balance is critical to our success.

Below are just a few of the environment and conservation initiatives we have contributed to:

  • Forest Stewardship
    • Association BC Forest Professionals
    • BC Community Forest Association
    • North Island Forest Professionals
  • Environmental Protection
    • Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society
    • West Coast Aquatic Stewardship
    • Strathcona Wilderness Institute
  • Wildlife Conservation
    • Nature Trust/Brant Wildlife Festival
    • Fanny Bay Salmonid Enhancement Society
    • Purple Martin Foundation

Learning and continuous improvement is a crucial part of our organization. Along with striving to increase our knowledge base and improve our processes, we are always willing to share what we know with others. Education is a vital part of our communities, and want to help organizations and educational institutions gain the resources they need to teach others.

Below are just a few of the education initiatives we have contributed to:

  • Forestry Education
    • BC Forest Discovery Centre
    • McLean Mill – National Historic Site
    • National Forestry Week
  • Schools & Educational Institutions
    • Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization (NUKO)
    • Sayward School
    • Woodlands Secondary Drama Program
  • Facility & Land Tours
    • UBC International Forestry Students Tour
    • Vancouver Island University
    • Customer & Public Tours