We Make Every Effort To Be Good Neighbors

Our lands are interspersed throughout Vancouver Island and the Mainland, woven between the properties of many others. We have a responsibility to be thoughtful owners of our land, and considerate of those we are connected to.

How does Island Timberlands engage with other landowners?
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Island Timberlands recognizes and respects the rights of Indigenous Peoples. We collaborate with First Nations peoples during the forestry planning phases within their traditional territories, and work closely with neighboring bands during harvesting and forestry activities to minimize any impact to culture heritage resources.. We buy timber from First Nation tenures, and donate funds and materials, such as logs for carving and the building of structures. When cultural materials, sites, or areas of importance are identified in an area we intend to harvest, we work with First Nations and make alterations to our plans that mutually benefit both parties.

Mosaic Indigenous Relations Policy

Our knowledge from our Log Purchase Program allows our size and experience to benefit our neighbours interested in extracting the timber value from their property. We partner with them so that they can benefit from our infrastructure and gain access to previously unrealized markets.

As a regular part of our business, Island Timberlands engages with Crown. In many cases, our lands are bordered by BC Crown land. We provide access to Crown Lands through our properties, and work with stakeholders in the communities to safely allow access to high use and historic recreation areas.

Engaging with small landowners allows Island Timberlands to “know our neighbours”. Island Timberlands offers tours of our facilities to the public and our customers, and allow access to our properties for recreational activities and firewood. We are transparent in our communications, and respond to inquiries in a timely manner. Our approach focuses on minimizing the impact on their lives, such as considerations to noise pollution and adjustments to our operating hours.

Our policies are guided by our membership in the Private Forest Landowners Association, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™, Environmental Management certification from the International Organization for Standardization, and adherence to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards.

Island Timberlands takes a very active part in the Private Forest Landowners Association. We network with other forest owners, actively keep ourselves of relevant policy developments, provide important feedback to help guide the organization’s future efforts.