We all go home safe every day

Ensuring the safety of our workers and visitors is the foundation for our operations and our culture. Not just our employees, this applies to anyone and everyone who accesses our lands or steps foot in our facilities. We strive to prevent any and all injuries and demonstrate continuous health and safety improvement through involvement and teamwork.

How does Island Timberlands practice safety?
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We are prepared with the right skills, knowledge, and tools for the job. We do not do work that we cannot do safely. If we cannot ensure safety ourselves, we ask for what we need. Along with being responsible for ourselves, we actively watch out for each other.

All of our policies and standard operating procedures are developed with safety considerations at the forefront. We have a Joint Health & Safety Committee, offer employee recognition for safe practices, and put in place intensive investigation and action item processes. We offer comprehensive programs to our employees, from wellness to ergonomics and physiotherapy.

Island Timberlands is certified and guided by BC Forest Safety Council’s SAFE Certification program, and operate in compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations. This program includes a yearly internal Safety Audit, and has the expectation, for ourselves and our contractors, to maintain this standard. BCFSC posts information on recent accidents and incidents. Island Timberlands uses this information to improve safety systems, raise awareness, and training.

Island Timberlands has a long history and experience in forestry and land management going back more than a century. Throughout their careers, employees are offered thorough training and education regarding the most current practices and procedures. We conduct frequent safety tours, and continuously communicate to our team through posters, communication bulletins, meetings, and tailgates.

The prevention of injury and illness at work is the company’s foremost objective. We promote and protect the health and well-being of our employees and effectively manage illness and injury.

Our Safety Policy aligns with our mission to promote safety, and states that:

  • Safety is an uncompromised right and the responsibility of every employee
  • Leaders are held accountable for the safety of their employees
  • Safe work practices are insisted upon at all times by all employees
  • Each supervisor makes safety of all employees an integral part of their regular function
  • Employees are to be effectively trained in their area, with the primary focus on working safely
  • As a requirement of their employment. each employee is to accept and follow established safety regulations and procedures, and to report any unsafe activity
  • If an employee is in doubt about how to do a job or task safely, it is their duty to ask a qualified person for assistance
  • Employees are required to assist in all accident prevention activities
  • Employees are responsible for their housekeeping duties to ensure a safe workplace
  • All unsafe conditions are reported immediately
  • Every injury that occurs on the job – even slight cuts or strains – must be reported as soon as possible (except in emergencies, no employee should leave the work site before reporting any injury).