We help log sellers across coastal BC get the most competitive prices.

At Island Timberlands, it is our mission to create long-lasting business relationships. We are buyers of the full BC Coastal timber profile, and provide a range of value-added services to our partners. We work with all potential owners of timber, including BC Timber Sales, private landowners, First Nations, woodlots, and Crown timber.

We position logs to the right customer in the right market.
Partner Benefits

Partners of our Log Purchase Program are able to gain access to previously unrealized markets and take advantage of our infrastructure. We offer:

  • A highly skilled timber valuation team that works closely with potential partners to help them understand the value of their timber resources.
  • Excellent relationships with sawmills, plywood mills, veneer mills, custom cut mills, log home manufacturers, and pulp mills.
  • Connections to a variety of global markets – we have deep relationships with clients both in Canada and globally.
Available Partner Services

In addition to direct timber purchase, we offer the a variety of end-to-end turnkey services. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Planning, timber development & silviculture
  • Valuation & analysis of standing timber
  • Engineering, mapping & layout
  • Road construction, harvesting & custom debarking
  • Vessel charter sublet
  • Marketing & sales
  • Documentation & administration services
Log Buying Stations

Island Timberlands has buying stations across Coastal BC, as well as owned operations.